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Action Figure Review: Thundercats Ultimates! Monkian

Action Figure Review: Thundercats Ultimates! Monkian

By Jason T Smith
Creative Editor

By now, everyone knows what Thundercats Ultimates by Super7 are, and they should know that they just keep getting better. The last time I reviewed the Snowman of Hook Mountain from Wave 4 and I thought it couldn’t get any better. Well, I was wrong. I just opened up another figure from that same wave, and it is a home run. And that home run is named Monkian.

Monkian is one of the three original mutants that are Mumm-Ra’s main henchmen. He’s the cool white gorilla warrior that wields a mace, and this figure does him justice nicely. With beautiful sculpting and paint job, along with the excellent articulation we’ve come to expect from the Ultimates line, this primate is a must-have for any Thundercats fan. Monkian comes with multiple interchangeable hands, two different heads, his classic mace, a shield, and a laser rifle. This guy is ready to give your Thundercat figures some trouble for sure.

The Ultimates lines from Super 7 are one of my favorite toy lines, and the Thundercats have a lot to do with that, especially Monkian. Easily the best figure from wave 4, if not the whole line; you absolutely need this guy in your collection. He’s a big scary white monkey wielding a mace; what more do you need?

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

Pastrami Nations five

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