AFAR Review: Fantasy Greatness

AFAR Review: Fantasy Greatness

AFARImage Comics brings another strong debut with AFAR

By Amie Macias

Image Comics definitely found another talent belonging to artist, Leila del Duca, (known for drawing Shutter), as a writer.  She does an amazing job of bringing the reader into not one, but several different fantasy worlds within this one story.

It begins with our main character, Boetema, seeking an escape from her mundane life as cook and housekeeper to her little brother, Inotu, and her two unappreciative parents.  She dreamily draws in the sand an image of a constellation, Agama Wanwitu, and unwittingly asks for its help.  (*In Australia, an agama is known to be a small lizard; and in Africa, a wanwitu is another name for the Basenji dog.)  It’s no wonder that this mystical creature following our heroin is a dog covered scales like a reptile.

Soon after its first appearance, we find out that Boetema’s supernatural link to the Agama Wanwitu is being a universal spirit traveler.  Every time she closes her eyes to sleep, she finds herself inhabiting another creature’s body on another planet.  She tries to get back to a certain planet & body, after her occupancy leads to the loss of life.

Artist, Kit Seaton, does a fantastic job with switching up color use and a variety of layers to help the reader switch from world to world seamlessly without the need of words.

Need an escape?  Try delving into AFAR!

Rating: 8.0 out of 10