Underwinter #1 Review: Fawkes Brings Modern Horror to Image

Underwinter #1 Review: Fawkes Brings Modern Horror to Image

UnderwinterThis Image Comic’s debut for Underwinter is the beginning of something truly awesome

By Art Macias

Created by Ray Fawkes (The People Inside, One Soul, and Constantine), Underwinter begins his tale with a beautiful mixture of word and art that grabs the readers attention right away. His use of watercolors gives the story an almost dreamlike quality, which along with his dialogue is a perfect fit for the story.

As our book begins we are introduced to the members of a symphony quartet who are hired to play for a mysterious recluse. Being paid very handsomely to perform, they agree to follow all of the obscure rules that are set for them in order to play; one of them being is to perform blindfolded.

This is the start of an amazing horror tale with enough tension and suspense to bring the reader back for more. I for one cannot wait to see where Mr. Fawkes takes us after the conclusion of this issue.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10