Anno Dracula #1 Review: Steampunk With Fangs

Anno Dracula #1 Review: Steampunk With Fangs

Anno DraculaTitan Comics Brings Anno Dracula to the Comic Book World

By Daniel Schwartz

Alternate history is always cool. Whether it is the dangerous world of the Man in the High Castle or the vampire heavy Anno Dracula universe, changes to history always open up strange and exciting possibilities.

Imagine a world where Thomas Edison is engineering an attack on London to take out its villainous leader.

In the deadly world of Anno Dracula, the king of the vampires has also become the King of England. Taking over the world’s most powerful nation and putting vampires in charge of the country has made the mad Transylvanian the most dangerous creature alive.

Those who stand against him must plot in secret or risk being killed (or worse). One such group is the Council of the Seven Days. A team of vampires and humans with code names based on days of the week who are looking to overturn Dracula’s rule. With a traitor in their midst, the must fight to meet their objective and stay alive.

This latest entry into the Anno Dracula universe is ironically the earliest in the timeline. Just a short time after Dracula has taken control, this book follows some of his earliest opponents.

This comic is a well-crafted story and a great introduction to the Anno Dracula world in 1895 by Kim Newman. Showcasing the impossible odds that Wednesday (the main character) and her secret society face, this issue is full of suspense and tension that will keep you reading all the way to the end.

Not only does the story deliver, but the art is amazing as well. Paul McCaffrey makes this book visually stunning as he brings people, monsters, and even Thomas Edison to life!

Overall, this is a great start to the 1895 series, full of action and danger. Titan comics is gradually becoming my favorite publisher.

Rating: 10 out of 10. Titan Comics knocks it out of the park again. The next issue cannot come soon enough.