All Marvel NOW Teasers to Date: Invincible, Worthy, Indestructible…Chimichangas?

The future is Now! Or, err..this November!

Marvel Comics has been dropping teasers like crazy about Marvel NOW, and here are all the one so far this week:


Invincible: Not too hyped for this one, as it looks to be the team behind the new Iron Man series…I’ve like Land’s art since Crossgen, but drawing suits of armor? Guess I’ll have to wait and see…


Worthy: who could that be? All signs point to the God of Thunder, Thor. Aaron is an excellent writer, and Ribic has impressed me in all his works, so this one has me on board.


Indestructible: My money is on the jade giant for this one: The Hulk. Waid is constantly cranking out classics (check out his current Daredevil run), and Yu has grown to be a favorite of mine. Plus, his Ultimate Hulk Vs Wolverine was great, save for the last issue…but that’s not the artist’s fault.


Chimichangas: Marvel’s new media darling is getting the star treatment. This looks to be a new series for the merc with a mouth, Deadpool. I read Posehn and Duggan’s work at Image, which was stellar. Throw in Tony Moore, who’s drawn everything from zombies to symbiotes, and you have the must read book of Marvel NOW thus far.

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