Chris Jericho Done with the WWE This August?


Break the walls down!!!

In an interview with, WWE Superstar Chris Jericho made it clear the August will be the end to his run in the ring. Jericho stated that once his new Fozzy album hits, that will be it for him:

“I came back to the WWE and as of August 14, 2012, when “Sin and Bones” comes out, we go on the road with the Uproar Tour. At that time, I am done with the WWE and it is full-time with Fozzy until the album cycle and touring is done,” he states during an interview promoting the album.

We all knew he would be leaving sooner than later, but it still sucks. Jericho is, hands down, one of the best in the business, both in the ring and on the mic. Honestly, I was hoping for an EPIC match between him and Dolph Ziggler at Summer Slam, and it might happen. As of right now, Jericho is still being billed as being at Summer Slam and the Raw after. Here is hoping for one major farewell match to one of the best.

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