Video Game Review: Monkey King- Hero is Back

By Vexx Alitory I got to review this game for my friends over at PASTRAMI NATION. I feel weird saying this…but…this would have made for a better series then game. +++++++CHRISTMAS 1K GIVEAWAY++++++++++ LETS HIT 1K SUBS BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND TWO OF MY LUCKY SUBSCRIBERS [SUB PICKED RANDOMLY BY GENERATOR] WILL GET! -1 YEAR OF DISNEY PLUS -8BITDO BLUETOOTH NINTENDO […]

Nomen Omen #1 Review

By Vexx Alitory The Ninja rise Again for Greatest Battle! “TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART,” Part One No matter how fast you run, sooner or later your past will catch up with you. Enter Becky Kumar, a geeky twenty-year-old from New York City who is about to cross the veil between our reality and a realm of otherworldly truths. From […]

Power Rangers: The Psycho Path Review

By Vexx Alitory The sinister Psycho Rangers have been revived once again with even greater abilities as they confront siblings Andros, the former Red Space Ranger, and Karone, the former Pink Galaxy Ranger, in a battle that could decide the fate of the universe. Today we’re talking Comics!!!! pastrami nation: Twitter:@vexxalitory Instagram: @vexxalitory Facebook:…  

The Sojourn Review

By Vexx Alitory Vexx reviews The Sojourn, developed by Shifting Tides. The Sojourn on Playstation Games Store:… pastrami nation: Twitter:@vexxalitory Instagram: @vexxalitory Facebook: