Batman #15 Review: Ballad of a Dark Knight

Batman #15 Review: Ballad of a Dark Knight

BatmanThe Rooftops story line comes to a close in a big way for Batman

By Nolan P. Smith

Last issue, we got a very different look at Batman’s nemesis/love interest Catwoman, and with the conclusion of the Rooftops story line, we get to see even more of the depth of Catwoman. Batman’s job was to turn Catwoman in for over 200 deaths, which the thief didn’t even contest. All she wanted was one night, and she got it, all right.

From regular series writer Tom King, who reunites with Sheriff of Babylon artist Mitch Gerads, this issue gives some history, insight and so much more into both Catwoman and the Dark Knight. We see skewed versions of the first time the two met, complete with throwback panels to complete the feel of the past. We also get to see who exactly committed the murders Catwoman is accused of, which would put her away for a lifetime sentence.

We get action, intrigue, and more with this issue, and in the end, we get another side of Batman and Catwoman. Easily one of the best Batman story lines I have read in years, this is the perfect end to not only Rooftops , but to a string of Batman success by King’s hand. Gerads artistic style is the perfect fit for the Dark Knight: the emotions seen on the faces of Bruce and Selina tell pages without needing to say a word. Hands down, the best DC Comic series out at the moment, don’t miss this all important and enjoyable issue.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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