Beowulf Review: A Classic Reborn

Beowulf Review: A Classic Reborn

BeowulfGarcia and Rubin bring the timeless Beowulf to Image Comics

By Art Macias

The book I had the pleasure of reading this week was Beowulf from Image Comics. This hardcover collection brings the legendary tale to life in sequential art form., thanks to creators Santiago Garcia and David Rubin.

If you have never heard of Beowulf, now is the perfect opportunity. This retelling of the classic poem is very faithful to its source material that has inspired countless of writers. The classic story is a staple in literature, so to see it in such an inspiring and graphic art form is a treat indeed.

The visceral storytelling by the duo makes every page a thing of beauty to look at, with its deep red tones and exquisite eye for detail. Our story begins as Beowulf, along with his small group of warriors descend upon a land besieged by an unspeakable evil. It is Beowulf and his noble warrior’s intention to rid the land of the scourge for eternal glory and in doing so discover, not all monsters are as they appear. The two page spreads and imaginative use of panels is done masterfully, as it captures the viciousness of the legend.

This is an amazing retelling of the timeless poem for our time. A definite must have for your bookshelf.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.