Black Eyed Kids #1 Review- Eerily Entertaining

Black Eyed KidsAfterShock’s Black Eyed Kids Debuts Strong

By Nolan P. Smith

AfterShock Comics rang in its one year anniversary with a bang, releasing diverse, yet outstanding titles. One of these books is Black Eyed Kids, from AfterShock Publisher Joe Pruett and artist Szymon Kudranski.

This title is extremely different from anything AfterShock currently publishes. This is a straight up suspense, horror comic that will suck you in from page 1 to the last panel. The book centers around mysterious kids with solid black eyes that seem to be terrorizing the night. From a convenience store to the security of ones home, these children strike with no known motives. We don’t know if these kids are even real children: are they possessed or something far darker?

Pruett and Kudranski create something so eerie, so atmospheric, that it sends chills down your spine as you read it. Kudranski’s artwork is so well suited for dark stories, his style is the perfect choice for Black Eyed Kids. Not a whole lot of details are given of what’s going on, but for a first issue, it easily hooks the reader into wanting to stick around to find out. Plus, this debut issue is only 1.99, which gives you no reason not to try out this start to what looks to be another hit series for AfterShock. Black Eyed Kids opens a new door for the horror genre in comics: are you brave enough to walk in?

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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