Bloodborne Story Trailer and the Music of Bloodborne


By Nolan P. Smith

With The Order-1886 having hit the PS4 this past Friday (review coming soon!), the next big PS4 would be Bloodborne. Hitting in North America on March 24th, From Software’s Bloodborne looks to be yet another reason to jump into the world of Sony.

Below we have a trailer for the game, which shows off the atmospheric world in all its dark, brooding glory, as well as a video that highlights the music behind the game.With Bl directing the game (Dark Souls, Demon Souls), this looks like the start to a very entertaining franchise. So check out the trailer, the video, and if you are thinking about jumping on board, then reserve it now! There’s a limited edition out there with a steel book case and art book, but its sure to sell out, as the limited edition has already sold out at GameStop in stores. So, Amazon, Best Buy, FYE, give them all a shot!


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