Let's Kickstart This! Nowhere California-SIX DAYS LEFT!


By Nolan P. Smith

This time, we spotlight a podcast straight out of sunny California… or should I say sunny Nowhere California.

With only six days left, I’m sure the guys at Nowhere California would appreciate any sharing, talking, tweeting, tumbling, any way to get the word out. Now, what is it?

Nowhere California is an independent, broad spectrum pop culture podcast that began as a creative outlet for two lifelong friends. The brainchild of Joshua Gilmore and Phillip Morgan, Nowhere California was simply a way to talk about the movies, comics, toys, television shows, cartoons, and collectibles that they loved and to hopefully share that with a like-minded community. Their Kickstarter is set to help upgrade their podcast equipment, equaling to a higher quality product for listeners all around.  Check it out at

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