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BST AXN Android Krang Box Set Review

BST AXN Android Krang Box Set Review

By Jason T. Smith
Creative Editor

I’m no stranger to the Loyal Subjects BST AXN line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, having collected most of them since they hit store shelves. Hell, I troved my three local Targets daily and hunted down nearly all the Turtles with those snazzy jackets, including the Letterman and windbreaker variants, with nearly being that orange windbreaker Mikey who has eluded me. With numerous TMNT figures from different companies, The Loyal Subjects is the one I’m all in on. Their incredible detail and superb articulation get me every time. They blew me away this past summer with what I consider the BEST Super Shredder out there, and the hits keep coming. Thanks to the good folks at The Loyal Subjects, I recently got a chance to review the new box set of Krang in his Android body.

Coming packaged in a totally awesome hot pink storybook-style box, this brainy bad guy does not disappoint. Standing nearly 9 inches tall, this boss character towers over any ninja turtle you put before him. Sure, he’s a repaint of the previous Krang, but something about this paint job takes him to the next level, especially the excellent silver metallic parts, giving him more of an Android feel. The Loyal Subjects nailed it on their Krang, from the flip-top waist to remove the brain Krang to the details on the flesh parts, still giving him a robotic look as opposed to the Neca Krang, which kind of looks like a fat man in a diaper. And did I mention accessories? This guy has multiple interchangeable weapon hands and two sets of hands. All that, paired with the great articulation we’ve come to expect with the BST AXN line and packaged with a sweet comic, make this guy a must for any TMNT collector.

Overall, I am very impressed with the BST AXN Comic version of Krang. The best Krang from the line and the best Krang figure out there, thank you, Loyal Subjects, for continually owning the ninja turtle game. I’m a sucker for big action figures, and this guy fires on all cylinders. Now, if they would only do a Leatherhead or Triceraton….

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

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