SAM: Storytelling Across Media at Comic-Con Museum Amazed Attendees

SAM: Storytelling Across Media at Comic-Con Museum Amazed Attendees

By Nolan P. Smith


Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith

In October, the San Diego Comic Convention, the brilliant minds behind Comic-Con, treated attendees to SAM: Storytelling Across Media. This one-day symposium catered to aspiring writers, artists, and seasoned professionals alike, all with a shared passion for the intricate art of storytelling. Nestled within the walls of the historic Balboa Park, at the Comic-Con Museum, this event offered a comprehensive exploration of storytelling across diverse media, including comic books, music, movies, and more.

Pastrami Nation had the privilege of attending this extraordinary event, marking our first visit to the Comic-Con Museum. For lovers of pop culture, the museum proved to be a dream come true, boasting a multitude of exhibits and photo opportunities. While the prospect of additional exhibits is enticing, our overall experience at this marvelous museum was nothing short of enjoyable.

SAM transcended the conventions of your typical comic con. There were no bustling Exhibit Halls to navigate; instead, attendees were treated to a captivating lineup of panels and signings set within the hallowed halls of the Comic-Con Museum. SAM’s central focus was storytelling, conveyed through a series of engaging talks exploring the nuances of storytelling across various media. The panels were intentionally small and intimate, providing an eye-opening experience for fans of pop culture.

For those interested in learning more about SAM in 2023 and relishing the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of storytelling, please visit SAM at Comic-Con Museum proved to be a testament to the boundless creativity and passion within the world of storytelling across diverse mediums.

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