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Clayfighter- Top 5 Most Wanted Action Figures

Clayfighter- Top 5 Most Wanted Action Figures

By Jason T. Smith 

Creative Editor

Premium DNA has given us some fantastic figures of our more obscure childhood favorites these past few years by adding their WOW factor to licenses like Madballs and Barnyard Commandos. Well, they’ve done it again, and if you were as much into fighting games in the ’90s as I was, then you’re going to be right there with me on the nostalgia train; the destination is Video Game Heaven! They are making action figures of a video game I used to play on Super Nintendo that I would have never thought would see a comeback, let alone in action figure form. I’m talking about Clayfighter, an excellent side-scrolling fighter featuring characters made out of clay duking it out for our enjoyment.

One of the most obscure fighting games ever, this one had the likes of Bad Mr. Frosty and evil snowman facing off with a being made of taffy, thus being named Taffy. This game was so much fun trying to master everyone’s Triple Brown Betty combo, a parody version of some Killer Instincts combos. Fast forward to this year’s Toy Fair, and Premium DNA stole the whole show for me when they Unveiled their Bad Mr Frosty figure, which made my heart almost jump out of my chest.

Premium DNA has nailed it, reaching out to the original sculptors of the game characters, therefore giving us one of the most video game-accurate characters to get the action figure treatment. And, of course, it had to be Bad Mr Frosty, looking like he jumped straight out of the TV screen. My favorite character in that game, and he just happens to be the first figure in the line. I’m in Heaven, right? It must be because Premium DNA has stated that more figures will come. Just by seeing the amount of accessories and extra heads and such that my boy Frosty comes with, I can only imagine what’s next. With that being said, I’ve composed a list of my top 5 most wanted Clayfighter characters I’d love to see receive the premium treatment.

  5. Taffy– The guy made out of Taffy, who happens to be named Taffy, whom I dubbed as the Dhalsim of the game, definitely needs to be an action figure.

  4. Blob– That fantastic character that is pretty much a pile of goo could shapeshift into some pretty nifty stuff like a sawblade or a trophy for his victory pose, and I know Premium DNA would do him justice after seeing the multitude of accessories their other figures come with.

  3. Kangoo– A Clayfighter 2 character, cause who doesn’t want a super articulated kangaroo figure with boxing gloves? I don’t want one; I NEED one!

  2. Tiny– My second most used character from the game, Tiny, is that wrestler with the ginormous muscles and that goofy look that he has no matter what he’s doing. I can see that figure now giving me that goofy grin whenever I walk by my shelf.

  1. Ickybod Clay– Clayfighter’s version of the Headless Horseman, this living Jack O Lantern needs to be in action figure form, and this one needs a variant green-headed version. I don’t know why, but I always thought the green pumpkin head version was one of the most incredible things. Oh, the anticipation is killing me. Premium DNA would land that one-two punch that would send me to nostalgia dreamland if Ickybod was the next figure after Frosty. Oh, the anticipation!!!

Well, that’s this fighting game fanatics want to list for Clayfighter action figures, but maybe you have your own. We’d love to hear it, and we’d love to send a huge THANKS to Premium DNA for resurrecting Clayfighter!

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