Comic Book Review: Apocalypse Kinda #1

Comic Book Review: Apocalypse Kinda #1

By Eddie Aguirre

From 1st-time writer Luke Wehner comes a new indie comic, Apocalypse Kinda, where the world is not normal, and change has come from The Portal. But what is The Portal? Five years have passed, and the world is a strange place, is all we know.

Apocalypse Kinda #1 is a book that takes you to a place of the unknown and keeps your curiosity going. As you would like to know precisely what is going on, this issue never explains. Are their aliens among us, is there a government conspiracy, or is there something more sinister? The answers do not come easily in the first issue. The story follows a 12 yr old named Tobe, which if you’re not paying attention, you could miss it. He runs into some bullies with no eyes and no mouths. This a day in the life of style of story; it takes you through events that occur day by day for Tobe.

The story did keep my interest and is a quick read. It’s target audience would probably keep the interest of most teenagers.

The artwork is fantastic. Erico Orlandi did an excellent job with the artwork for this book. Throughout the book, it was colorful and worked well with the storyline; it reminded me much like the comics in the Sunday funnies. The cover by Val Halvorson is what captured my attention right off the bat, with its neon greens, yellows, and orange splatter effects. Although the first issue doesn’t give any answers or an introduction to its storyline, the story is fun and cute. It, however, does capture your interest and leads you to want more from its second issue.

I would pick up the 2nd issue for my kids, and I. Wehner did an excellent job for his first book. Apocalypse Kind #1 is an intelligently written book.

Rating: FOUR Pastrami Nations out of FIVE.

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