Dept H #3 Review: The Plot Rises

Dept H #3 Review: The Plot Rises

Dept H 3By Nolan P. Smith

In the last issue of Dept H, we saw siblings Mia and Raj, as part for a three man team, going down into the depths of the sea only to be attacked by what appeared to be a giant squid. With Raj missing and Mia knocked out of the loop, the danger only gets greater with issue #3.

The Kindts, Matt and Sharlene, continue to craft one of the most intriguing books on the shelves today. With this issue, we get more glimpses into Mia’s past, as well as learn more about Dept H’s Lily, who falls under the category of suspect for the murder of Mia and Raj’s dad. We also see the introduction of an infection on board, one that drives an employee insane and asks more questions than we can hope to get answers to. But wait, on top of that, we see the appearance of a mysterious masked figure, which could be just a hallucination, or something far more important.

The artwork here continues to just knock it out of the proverbial ball park: there is nothing currently on the shelves that looks anything like this book: all the more reason to pick it up. The suspense and danger just got amped up to 11, and the futures of both Raj and Mia are in question by the time you reach the last panel. Dept H is that book I constantly recommended to casual comic fans who might gravitate towards the big two publishers only- this is a book you will not find anywhere else.

Rating: 9.25 out of 10.

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