Devil’s Due Brings About Rodent Ragnarok in Squarriors


By Staff Reports

Announced today at Special Edition: NYC Comic book convention: Devil’s Due Entertainment continues its trend of acquiring creator-owned properties as it signs Ashley M Witter (Interview with a Vampire: Claudia’s Story) and Ash Maczko to bring their long anticipated saga of Squarriors to the printed page.

Squarriors features the story of a small group of animals surviving after the fall of humanity, bringing about a mix of brutality, adorableness and a touch of sci-fi through Witter’s fantastic visuals.

Known for immediately captivating an audience, long before announcing a publisher or even any clear schedule, Squarriors’ debut image struck a chord from its first teaser posted online last year, garnering nearly 1,000 fans on facebook.

“I love people’s reactions when they first see the Squarriors images,” says Witter. “Grabbing their friend’s by the arm, ‘You gotta’ see this!’ It’s great to see that people still get excited about new comics.”

Devil’s Due ringleader Josh Blaylock is among those excited, specifically about adding this title to the publisher’s line of creator-owned material.

“Squarriors grabbed me from the moment I saw it,” said Blaylock. “And when I heard the story I knew we had to have it. In my mind “Team Ash” has created an epic cross between Secret of Nihm and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and fortunately, it turns out our new holistic approach to publishing struck a chord with the the creators.”

“Fans have waited far too long for the release of a printed Squarriors epic,” added Maczko. “For me, it was all about finding a publisher that shared my vision of what this universe could be. The time has come and I couldn’t be more excited to finally bring this story to life.”

Squarriors details are to be announced in the near future, with plans to release four mini-series over time, each representing one season in the animals’ lives. The comic’s “Spring” mini-series is set to debut nationwide in December, preceded by a supplemental crowdfunding campaign and promotional tie-ins at conventions this Summer.

Stay tuned to and for updates.

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