Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 Review: Fade to Red

Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 Review: Fade to Red

StalinverseValiant goes red with the introduction to the Stalinverse

By Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)– For anyone who has read the first two Divinity miniseries from Valiant, you know the level of excellence each series has carried. Following the story of former Soviet Union cosmonauts Abram Adams, who gained god like powers during the space race, and with the second series, we saw that another cosmonaut survived, Myshka, who is still very much loyal to Mother Russia. With the third series, we are thrust into a new timeline, where the Soviets rose to become the leading super power in the world, and the heroes of the Valiant Universe are radically different.

From writer Matt Kindt (Dept H, 4001 A.D.) and artist Trevor Hairsine (Divinity and Divinity II), this miniseries kicks off the event known as the Stalinverse, where the Soviet Union is the power, and the world bends knee to their will. Right from the get go, we see some major differences, from the Soviet loyal Komander Bloodshot, the armored warrior Aric (X-O Manowar), the Djinn like Shadowman, and the psiot Peter Stanchek: all loyal to the cause of Russia’s rule. No doubt, these events are spawned from the godlike Myshka, who’s powers include the total bending of time.

In a very cool twist, there is one person that knows that this is not the true reality: Colin King, also known as Ninjak. This reveal gave a very “Age of Apocalypse” vibe to it, which I love. If you took Age of Apocalypse, threw in some Superman: Red Son and mixed in the impossibly high standards set with the first two Divinity miniseries, you would have the start to one of the strongest comic events to hit in 2016. I am fully on board for the Stalinverse, with my only complaint being that this issue had to end. This very well might end up being not only the best of the Divinity series, but one of the best crossover events in recent comic book history.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

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