Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #3.2 Review: Dreams to Nightmares

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #3.2 Review: Dreams to Nightmares

Doctor WhoThe Tenth Doctor Continues His Journey with Doctor Who in Part 2 of Breakfast at Tyrannies

By Daniel Schwartz

For many Whovians, David Tennant was their first and favorite Doctor. He brought in millions of new fans with his enthusiasm and loyalty to his companions. When he regenerated, his last words were “I don’t want to go”, and Whovians did not want him to go either, but that is the nature of Doctor Who.

Luckily for fans of the Tenth Doctor, he has returned for a whole new series of adventures in Titan Comic’s Tenth Doctor series (one of many series based on every incarnation of everyone’s favorite Time Lord).

The latest installment continues the Breakfast at Tyrannies story that ended on a shocking cliffhanger last month. After discovering that he had a duplicate body with a built in sonic screwdriver, the Doctor wakes up somewhere else apparently unaware of the stunning revelation he just had.

While he attempts to retrace his previous steps, his loyal companions (Cindy, Gabby, and Noob) discover that his mind is existing in a virtual reality while his body is hooked to a device that absorbs his energy. After his team is freed from their virtual prison, they take on the aliens that have captured them, leading to a stunning conclusion that will leave fans counting the days until the March release of the next issue.

After a stellar first part of the story, writer Nick Abadzis and artist Giorgia Sposito continue their hot streak with a great story that keeps readers engaged until the final frame. The second chapter of Breakfast at Tyrannies is full of strong companions and a salute to several previous Doctors. With fitting dialogue and a fast pace, Abadzis makes Doctor Who what it should be – Fun. For new readers, Gabby, Cindy, and Noob are put on full display and show why the Tenth Doctor picked them and why readers should embrace them as well.

The art by Giorgia Sposito continues to impress as the Tenth Doctor and his team fight this new alien threat. She not only makes the Tenth Doctor look great, but she is also able to illustrate several other Doctors with spot-on accuracy.
Overall, this issue is serves as a fitting continuation of an impressive story that looks great and draws readers in.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10 With a redTARDIS and a shocking conclusion, this issue delivers a fast and fun story for any Whovian.