Love: The Dinosaur Review- Silent Greatness

Love: The Dinosaur Review- Silent Greatness

Love-The-Dinosaur-featuredMagnetic Releases Another Masterpiece with Love: The Dinosaur

By Jason T. Smith

Magnetic Press, now known as the Magnetic Collection from Lion Forge, has given us a lot to “love” with their beautifully illustrated hardcover Love animal series. It all started with Love: The Tiger, where we got our first taste of these amazing silent comic stories. It took us on a tigers’ journey through the jungles of India, coming across dangers from every angle in a brilliant story told with only some of the best animal artwork I’ve seen. Well that team of Frederic Brremaud and Frederico Bertolucci went on to create more animal adventures with Love: The Fox and Love: The Lion, and their newest edition, Love: The Dinosaur, does not disappoint.

In Love: The Dinosaur, we are taken on an incredible adventure unlike the previous three books, as it is set in prehistoric times. We follow a small Velociraptor that has been separated from the pack in its search for a meal. The little guy is having the worst of luck with everything being either too big or too slippery to catch. In his troubles he soon realizes that in his search he is also being eyed as a meal himself, mostly by the giant pterosaur that seems to have an eye on him throughout the story. Talk about an eye in the sky!

While trying to escape winged death, the little guy stumbles across some of the heavyweights of the dinosaur era. Be it a huge Apatosaurus almost trampling him to death as it tries to escape a monsterous Tyrannosaur, or being eaten by that Tyrannosaur himself, not to mention the big Crocodilians that want him for a snack as well. This book take us on a rollercoaster of danger, with certain death around every corner. Just when things seem like they cant get any worse, they get totally worse. Death from the land, sea, and air are the only options for our hungry raptor.

Love: The Dinosaur is a true paleo masterpiece. If you’re a huge dinosaur buff like myself, or if you just like to read quality comics, then your going to want to pick this book up. Brremaud and Bertolucci are true creative gold. They haven’t let me down yet with their Love series and doubt they ever will. Being a big dino guy, this one was definitely my favorite out of the four but you have to check them all out. These books are true works of art.

Rating; 10 out of 10.

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