Does He Still Got It Part II: Psycho Sid's Return to the WWE


He ruled the world… but can he still?

This Monday night, WWE fans were treated to yet another past WWE star returning, all building up to their 1,000th episode in July. So far, we had Vader (which was cool), Roddy Piper an Cyndi Lauper (which wasn’t), Mick Foley (always a treat), and this time: the man who rules the world, Psycho Sid Vicious.

Sure, he was a bit worn down looking, but when compared to some past superstars that returned, he didn’t look bad. Still a towering menace, Sid did an admirable job, though noticeably rusty. Word is that Sid was beyond thrilled to be there, but how would you feel if he made a comeback?

I grew up seeing Sid in his prime, and to this day he is one of my all time favorites. Could he make a return? Perhaps, but not a full time schedule, and maybe not even as a wrestler. A bodyguard for a rising star (I’m thinking Dolph Ziggler) could be a great way to show his power and yet limit his actual ring time. Check out his spot from Raw below, and leave a comment: yay or nay for more Sid in WWE?


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