Thundercats Minimates Part II: Mumm-Ra!!!


“Spirits of Evil, transform this ancient body to Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living!!!”

Diamond Select Toy’s Facebook page has posted up another Thundercats minimate for teh San Diego Comic Con, Mumm-Ra! Shown in his weaker, mummy form, Mumm-Ra is the second Thundercats minimate revealed this week, following Jaga, which we posted up this week. Here is from the Diamond Select Toys page:

Enjoy Wednesday’s Comic-Con feature – The Mumm-Ra Minimate!

The epitome of evil, Mumm-Ra looks to destroy anything and everything that stands in his way. Mumm-Ra is currently in his mummified state but is capable of deception at any moment. What’s your favorite Mumm-Ra disguise?

Look for Mumm-Ra at Action Figure Xpress´ booth – #3345

Make sure to add Thundercats on Facebook HERE and Diamond Select’s Facebook page HERE.

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