Empress #1 Review: All Hail to the Queen

Empress #1 Review: All Hail to the Queen

Empress-1-2-600x911Empress #1 sets the stage for some Sci-Fi family issues

By Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)—Mark Millar has given the world a diverse library of comics to enjoy: from the ultra violent Kingsman: The Secret Service, to the time traveling Chrononauts and the feel good series Huck, his series vary into so many genres. Now, with Empress from Marvel’s Icon imprint- we get a sci-fi adventure that hits the gas pedal from page 1.

Empress is a creation of Millar and artist Stuart Immonen (Star Wars, Ultimate Spider-Man), and takes science fiction back, way back. Though by looking at the designs and weaponry seen here makes one think it might be set in the far future- but rather, this takes place far in the past, on Earth no less. The book centers around Emporia, Empress to King Morax, a ruthless dictator that rules with an iron fist and a blue tyrannosaurus rex. Right from the get go, we see a punishment inflicted on to petty criminals, and then, it is off to the races.

Emporia, with her trusted ally (who strikes a resemblance to the father of Star Wars, George Lucas), and her children, make a daring escape to the stars, away from her husband, away from it all. Millar’s sci-fi series starts extremely well, and gives off a vibe of a galaxy far, far away. The various alien beings, the weapons, the beasts- it all feels like it would be right at home with the Star Wars universe. Immonen’s artwork is extremely detailed, as always, and makes the characters and environment pop off the page. The book flew by for me, which is good and bad. Good because the story flowed so well, so engaging, that I didn’t want the issue to end. Bad because, well, it ended.

This is another great start to a Millarworld series, one that I will be on board for. Empress #1 is a sci-fi thrill ride that opens the door to danger at every turn.

Rating: 8.75 out of 10.

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