Faster Than Light #1 Review: First Steps

Faster Than Light #1 Review: First Steps


Review by Daniel Schwartz

Contributing Guest Reviewer

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Brian Haberlin

Illustrator: Brian Haberlin

Colors: Geirrod Van Dyke

(Victor Valley)– From the mind (and pencil) of Brian Haberlin comes Image Comic’s newest science fiction series Faster Than Light.

Set in the not-too-distant future, the story begins with mankind’s discovery of faster than light (FTL) space travel. On the eve of the first manned FTL mission, the blended crew from 2 ships have to come together and begin their journey of exploration. Making their first stop on the far reaches of our solar system, the crews end up discovering more than they bargained for.

In many ways, the first issue of this comic series feels like the first episode of a new television series. Introductions are made, backstories are told, and there are clues to something bigger to come in the future. While the story does move slowly at the beginning (during introductions), the action and drama pick up steam towards the end and provide an exciting and unexpected cliffhanger going into the second issue.

Pulling double duty, Brian Haberlin provides the writing and the art for the issue. This is no easy task for any creator, but Haberlin pulls it off well. With a visual style that fits the tone of the story perfectly, he is able to bring the characters to life through his crisp artwork and snappy dialogue. With a couple of well-timed Star Trek references thrown in, it is clear that he is very comfortable in the science fiction genre.

Rating: 4 out of 5. It feels like the story is building toward something big, but spends a little too much time in neutral while doing so. This series has great potential and may fully reach it now that the introductions are out of the way and the main story can begin.

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