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Flame Toys Transformers Drift Model Review

Flame Toys Transformers Drift Model Review

By Josh Kontos

Photos by Josh Kontos and Nolan Smith

This is my first model kit review but not my first model kit. I love building models, painting and detailing them, painting miniatures, and such. For my first review, I check out my first Transformers model kit from Bluefin/Flame Toys-Drift.

This was my first model kit from Bluefin/Flame Toys, and I was really impressed. The models come cast in the right colors for their respective characters, all label in an easy-to-locate manner. Instructions are included, as well as a good size sticker sheet for details. Drift took longer to build than I anticipated, and that comes from the large number of stickers the model has. I didn’t notice until I finished that some parts could be different colors, with options in dark grey and white for parts of the legs. I like that extra parts are included, as it adds more options on how the final product will look.

When building this model, I made notes on tools you would want to have to build this. First, clippers are a must to remove the parts from the sprue. An exacto, hobby knife, or mouldline remover are all useful as well. It was also great not having to use glue for this model. Tweezers are a must when it comes to the stickers. Files are nice but can mess with the colored plastic a little, but learning with each tool come with experience. The more you build, the better you know.

This is a fantastic model kit, but I did have some issues with the legs. I would go to attach them, and everything would explode. A bit frustrating and tacked on an extra 10 minutes or so when building. Everything was snapped in tightly, so it was puzzling why the legs gave such issues.

Drift is a great model, despite some minor issues. The quality and pose capabilities are fantastic and honestly a nice surprise. This kit was very nice, and the 15+ recommend age is pretty accurate for Drift. I enjoyed this kit, and I look forward to diving into more from Bluefin and Flame Toys soon!

Rating: THREE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE.

Pastrami Nations

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