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Flame Toys Transformers Optimus Prime (Clear SDCC IDW Version) Model Review

Flame Toys Transformers Optimus Prime (Clear SDCC IDW Version) Model Review

By Josh Kontos

Photos by Josh Kontos and Nolan Smith

I built an extraordinary piece for this review: the SDCC 2020 Clear IDW Optimus Prime model kit from Flame Toys/Bluefin Brands.

This is the first time I have worked with a clear model kit, and with my poor vision, it was a little challenging to put together. The look and feel of the model is impressive, though. No stickers are needed for such a fantastic piece. I feel like there are some parts you would want to glue in place as they fall off very easily: these parts are all non-moveable parts. Much like the Drift model kit, I had to put added force to snap the arms and legs in, as the lower body, as well as the shoulders, would come apart at times. 

This model came in a beautiful metal tin that resembles the Matrix of Leadership. For a nerd like myself, the fact that you can put a light behind the lid and it glows like the Matrix was a great touch.  

I was very impressed with this model. It looks different than all of the other Flame Toys models released to date. To have it come in a fantastic tin drives home the fact that this model is something extraordinary. Again, I would recommend some glue here and there, as well as a nice, clean, well-lit work area in case a piece or two goes missing. The Clear IDW Optimus Prime is well worth the purchase and will stand out on any collector or model builder’s shelf. 

This model kit is surprisingly still available to purchase, right from Bluefin. You can find it HERE.

Rating: FOUR Pastrami Nations out of FIVE. 

Pastrami Nations

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