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Flame Toys Transformers Optimus Prime (G1 Version) Model Review

Flame Toys Transformers Optimus Prime (G1 Version) Model Review

By Josh Kontos

Photos by Josh Kontos and Nolan Smith

For this review, I built the model kit of the Autobots leader and the most iconic version of the character with the Generation 1 version of Optimus Prime from Bluefin/Flame Toys.

This model’s look and feel is a throwback to the 80’s cartoon and animated film, which will always be the crown jewel of the Transformers universe. This model kit felt very different from the Drift I built last time. It feels like everything has been upgraded: the durability, accessories, weight, and more. Prime was very easy to build as everything went together without a single problem. I loved the fact they gave him the ability to open the chest to show the Matrix of Leadership- it made for some fun poses.
The ax option for his weapon is a fantastic addition and looks great.

Building tip: be sure to give yourself a nice, clean area to work. Honestly, you will drop something, and some of these parts are tiny and can be very hard to find if they fall on the floor or the carpet.

Everything was very clean for this model- it is an excellent model and only took two hours to build, which is very nice. I could easily see an 11-12 year old building this with no problems. The possibility for poses is massive, as this Optimus Prime is so articulated. To see the difference from Drift to the G1 Optimus Prime is so amazing- I look forward to what Bluefin/Flame Toys have in store next!

Rating: FOUR Pastrami Nations out of FIVE.

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