Get a sneak peek at something GRIMM from Mad Cave Studios

Get a sneak peek at something GRIMM from Mad Cave Studios

By Staff Reports

In the spirit of Halloween, this October Mad Cave Studios releases a new Horror Anthology, Grimm Tales From The Cave, their first ever horror anthology inspired by the original Grimm Fairy Tales! Alongside the winners of the Mad Cave’s 2020 talent search, join Cullen Bunn, Andrea Mutti, Christopher Sebela, Nadia Shammas, Stephanie Phillips, and more, as they unlock terrifying tales at every turn of the page!

Stories by Cullen Bunn, Mark London, Stephanie Phillips, Che Grayson, Nadia Shammas, Christopher Sebela, Anthony Cleveland, Malissa White, Dalton Deschain, Chuck Harp, and Mario Candelaria; with art by Andrea Mutti, Luisa Russo, Rowan MacColl, Maan House, Cecilia Lo Valvo, Shane Connery Volk, Val Halvorson, Rio Burton, Ho Seng Hui, Nicolas Falutico, and David Escobar; and colors by Joana La Fuente, Roman Stevens, Luca Romano, Giorgio Spalletta, Allison Hu.

In addition, the Grimm Tales From The Cave anthology includes two original 20-page tales from Cullen Bunn with art by Andrea Mutti, and Wolvenheart creator, Mark London, with art by Luisa Russo!

“I love the idea of using fairy tales as a springboard for horror stories,” said writer Cullen Bunn. “I love that so many new creators are involved in the book, so when they asked if I’d like to write one of the stories, I simply couldn’t resist!” 

“When Cullen and Chris pitched the idea of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale set in modern times, I thought to myself: “Hell, why didn’t we think of this sooner!” said artist Andrea Mutti. “So light a candle, and get ready for tales from the Brothers Grimm like you’ve never seen before!”

Trick or Treat, Grimm Tales from the Cave drops in shops October 27th. And don’t forget to tune in each Wednesday this month to Transmissions from the Cave for exclusive interviews, interviews, and live drawings!

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