Gone #1 Review

Gone #1 Review

By Nolan P. Smith


In the dynamic and ever-shifting landscape of comic books, a new publisher has emerged to leave its mark: DSTLRY. With a keen interest in their inaugural offerings, I delved into their latest title, “Gone,” crafted by the amazing Jock, renowned for his chilling “Wytches” saga and his celebrated contributions to the DC Comics universe.

“Gone” presents us with a gripping science fiction narrative centered on Abi, a 13-year-old girl whose life on an impoverished planet is nothing short of a daily struggle. Abi’s tenacity shines as she endeavors to support her mother, who is soon to bring another life into their stark reality, all while the shadow of her absent father looms over them. The plot thickens as Abi and her friends eye a colossal cargo ship for a supply raid, only for her to discover their true intention—to challenge the ship’s authority, resulting in a tense standoff in the void of space. As Abi navigates the perilous confines of the ship, she must outwit its crew to find her way back to the safety of home.

Jock’s storytelling in “Gone” is riveting, weaving the tale of Abi’s isolation with masterful precision. His portrayal of Abi—resilient, morally grounded, yet vulnerable—compels us to root for her against overwhelming odds. The visual storytelling is equally compelling, boasting stunning artwork that commands attention. The spread pages echo the inventive spirit of Will Eisner, with layouts that propel the story forward with a rhythmic pace that’s both refreshing and nostalgic.

With “Gone,” DSTLRY has not merely introduced a promising new series but has made a statement of excellence. Jock’s first issue is a triumph, marrying narrative depth with visual splendor in a package that readers will find irresistible. I encourage readers to support this amazing title by visiting their nearest comic shop or by ordering directly from DSTLRY online.

My verdict? “Gone” secures a formidable 4.5 Pastrami Nations out of 5.0.

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