Graphic Novel Review: Teen Titans Go! Roll With It

Graphic Novel Review: Teen Titans Go! Roll With It

By Evelyn Benson, Junior Reviewer

The Teen Titans are back at it again! Let’s join our favorite super team in their game of “Basements and Basilisks.”

Our story begins in a dark alley. Robin finds interest in a role-playing game to build teamwork skills. After dividing up the roles between the players, the teams are transported into the game. The goal is to enter the queen’s castle and procure the Anklet of Extreme Crushing and Chafing. This tale contains tricks and plot twists–so no spoilers here! Will the Teen Titans be able to find a way out?

“Teen Titans” had a super team of their own! Writers Heather Nuhfer and P.C. Morrissey are joined by Artists Agnes Garbowska and Sandy Jarrell and Colorists Silvana Brys and Wendy Broome and Letterer Wes Abbott; each lending their talents for “Jump City” and “Basements and Basilisks,” respectively.

Personally, I liked the art and commentary. The overall structure of what they were saying was very well designed and amazing! I liked how the book was able to weave real-life and fantasy game adventures. When the characters speak, the colors change in the dialogue boxes to not confuse who is talking. With that being said, there can be a lot of dialogue. But for a patient reader, this is what I call ‘brain candy.’ This graphic novel contains a lot of action–everything a reader loves and expects in a good comic and/or graphic novel. When in game mode, their superpowers are unique. Along their journey, I loved the shenanigans they got themselves into. I can’t wait to see what this wonderful creative team will come up with next!

You should definitely check this out at your Local Comic Shop!

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE

Pastrami Nations five

Eleven-year-old Evelyn Benson is the first Junior Reviewer for Pastrami Nation. She loves animals of all sorts and enjoys her plethora of pets. Her interests include Doug the Pug, Harry Potter, The Amazing World of Gumball, art, and The Mandalorian.

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