Graphic Novel Review: Troll Bridge

Graphic Novel Review: Troll Bridge

troll bridgeGaiman and Doran Bring Troll Bridge to Life

By Amie Macias

Contributing Guest Reviewer

Colleen Doran and Neil Gaiman team up and do an amazing job with Dark Horse Comics of bringing a delightfully dark graphic novel to life in Troll Bridge.  Doran’s attention to detail and artful use of layering gives each page the feel of an old children’s book from long ago. Gaiman’s storytelling is never mundane or routine, just as the reader feels the tale will go one way there is always a curve or jump that will keep fans coming back.  It is so wonderful to see this amazing story become an adaptation with breathing, colorful pages.

Through Gaiman’s unique imagination, he takes us on a journey through the life of Jack.  Within the tale we learn while Jack is a young boy, he imagines about monsters, ghouls, and ghosts, until one day he meets up with just such a being.  This terrifying being demands payment of Jack, time and again throughout his life.  However, Jack can only stave off the inevitable for so long before needing to build up the courage and finally face the creature once and for all.

An exquisite tale from a creative team known around the world, Troll Bridge is a book that should absolutely be enjoyed by fans across the globe, especially during this season of Halloween.

I give this tragic tale a 9.0 out of 10.