Ozobot Unveils Marvel’s The Avengers Action Skins for Evo Robot

Ozobot Unveils Marvel’s The Avengers Action Skins for Evo Robot

image0013Evil Marvel Action Skins to Transform Ozobot Evo to a Super Bot!

By Staff Reports

Evollve Inc., innovative maker of the Ozobot Evo, announces today an action-packed experience with the launch of the Evo Marvel Action Skin. Transforming the smart and social Evo into the ultimate super robot, Evo Marvel Action Skin harnesses the powers from Stark Academy’s mightiest heroes (Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and the Incredible Hulk) to provide an epic learning and gaming experience.

Users simply attach the Marvel Action Skin to the Evo robot to unlock the features and behaviors that reflect the personalities of the Marvel characters through character quips, LED colors, animations and special movements. By accessing the Stark Academy themed mobile app, gamers and learners can train to be the next-generation heroes. Users will be able to download missions, races and challenges to defend a planet on the brink of destruction or take on the evilest super villain, Ultron (also available as a Evo Marvel Action Skin). Each connected Evo Marvel Action Skin will provide the following features but are not limited to:


  • Stark Academy Themed Mobile App User-Interface
  • OzoChat for Hero Interaction (Gated Chat for ages 13 and under)
  • User Control (Range up to 30 ft)
  • Collision Detection with Infrared Proximity Sensing
  • Character LED Colors and Skin Illumination
  • Character Behaviors and Movement Animation
  • Character and Content Downloads
  • 45+ Minute Playtime

“At Ozobot, we believe that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skills are 21st century super powers,” said Nader Hamda, CEO and Founder of Ozobot. “We’re thrilled to have partnered with Marvel in creating the heroic Evo Marvel Action Skin and blending the exciting experience that the Avengers deliver with the skills and creative thinking Evo encourages.”

evo_hero_whiteIndividual skins will retail for $29.95 and the master pack including 1 Evo and 1 Marvel Skin will retail for $124.95. Action Skins for Captain America and Iron Man will be available November. Additional skins including the Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Ultron Action Skins will be available in 2017. Pre-order will begin October 6th on the Ozobot website and end of October on Amazon. Evo Marvel Action Skins will also be available at major retailers including Toys”R”Us, Barnes & Noble and Amazon during Thanksgiving. For more information on Ozobot and the new Evo Marvel Action Skins, please visit For more information on Marvel, please visit