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Halo The Spartan Collection Spartan Yoroi Review

Halo The Spartan Collection Spartan Yoroi Review

By Nolan P Smith


Halo is a mega-franchise if I have ever seen one. Ever since Master Chief arrived on the scene with the original Xbox, the sci-fi saga following the spartans has become far more than just a game series. Today, I am checking out one of the most excellent spartan designs for armor- Spartan Yoroi. The Yoroi suit was an unlockable skin for an event in Halo Infinite and quickly became a fan favorite. 

From Jazwares, the figure is part of the Spartan Collection, a 6.5-inch line of figures spanning Halo’s legendary history. This figure comes with an energy sword, disruptor, and extra hand accessories. This is a fantastic figure. It is the first Halo 6.5-inch figure for me, and I had to get it. The samurai-inspired armor works so well for Halo; it’s a great marriage of old town samurais and sci-fi wonderment. I love the quality of feel of this figure- from the amazing paint job to the vac metal visor to the energy sword and gun. The articulation is fantastic, giving a full range of motion for posing.

The detail and design here are top-notch. Yoroi is such a unique design and fits in so well across figure lines in the 1/12 scale. Jazwares pulls out all the stops to deliver one of the most remarkable and most unique Halo figures I have ever seen released. Spartan Yoroi is hard to find, and you can see why. I have picked up Halo figures from different companies throughout the years, but this is by far my favorite. I highly recommend it. 

Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of FIVE.

Pastrami Nations five

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