High Heaven Volume 1 Review: Hitting the High Notes

High Heaven Volume 1 Review: Hitting the High Notes

By Nolan P. Smith

Contrary to popular belief from my friends, I am quite the religious guy. I have faith in God, in Heaven, and the afterlife that awaits us. But what if the ultimate reward turned out to be more like a cheap timeshare with a hostel instead of a mansion? Then you are in the right mindset for High Heaven from Ahoy Comics.

David Weathers is not that great of a guy, he is that constant complainer we all know and tolerate, and life hasn’t been too kind to him. But after being rejected by a woman, played for a fool by his best friend it sends him raging off in anger, it all ends- badly. Like a piano falling on you, crushing you to death bad. That sends David to the other side, in a massive line to meet Saint Peter, when he learns that he is going to Heaven. What a relief, right? Wrong. Because Heaven for David is a dreary, mundane version of the afterlife. But there is a Heaven-Heaven, a High Heaven, but David doesn’t get to enjoy that.

It turns out there is a Heaven for all the not so great, but not so bad people, and it is all tied to L-Meat. We get to see a very different take on the afterlife, and how life and death don’t always go as planned. Imagine Heaven being a dorm room where you have to share with the best friend that drove you to death in the first place? The irony, right? From Tom Peyer, Greg Scott and Andy Troy, we get a dark, humor-tinged view of the hereafter, and done so in a very entertaining way. We see the angels and saints, and we see how this mediocre version of Heaven came to be, and what exactly the future holds for David. Is there a happy ending for this guy? We also see how Heather, the woman that rejected David and was engaged to the jerk best friend of David, deals with the loss of two people close to her and heads up: not well.

This is an entertaining, matured rated book, focusing on the stereotypical version of Heaven and injecting some real-world lessons into the afterlife. The artwork here clean and gritty when needed and the designs here are fantastic. High Heaven hits the high notes as Ahoy Comics has impressed me once more.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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