Imperial Snitch gets the Vinyl Treatment


If you’re a fan of Disney’s very popular Vinylmation figures,then like myself, you can’t wait for August 25th to hurry up and get here. That being the release date for Star Wars Vinylmation Series 2 at Disney theme parks and Downtown Disney locations only. Now we’ve already shown you the character line up in our July SDCC post,but thanks to the good folks over at we get a sneak peak at the mystery chaser. SPOILER ALERT! It is none other than the imperial snitch Garindan. Garindan you ask? Remember him from the very first Star Wars movie and his 2 minutes of fame where he pretty much ratted out Luke and the gang to a bunch of Stormtroopers who almost stopped our heroes from ever getting off Tattooine? Just imagine how differently the whole Star Wars saga would have ended up if that happened. Heck, Garindan might of had more than 2, now 3 figures made of him and maybe the Emperor would of ousted Vader and gave his spot to this imperial taddle tale for his good deed!

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