Marvel Comics Talks Fightin' Fanboys with TNA's Samoa Joe

ImageJoe’s gonna kill you…

The Marvel Comics website has an interview up with TNA Pro Wrestler Samoa Joe. In it, the Samoan Submission Machine talks when he got in to comics, his favorite books and characters, his upcoming 4-way match at Hardcore Justice, and who he would tag team with in the Marvel Universe. Here is a bit from the interview, which can be found HERE: Talking about tag teams, and bringing this back around to the Marvel Universe, if you had the opportunity to tag with any Marvel hero or villain, who are you bringing down into the ring with you?

Samoa Joe: Ooh, see this is kind of like the superpower question. It’s a spin on it, but it’s essentially the same thing. Who do I bring down with me? Well for coolness factor I’d pick Juggernaut, because I mean he’s an awesome villain. But I’d also need somebody who teleports just so we can get into the building way late and not really have to worry about it. That’s the guy I’m looking to tag with me. It would be awesome.

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