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Introducing Radioactive Red Rage Toxie from Super7

Introducing Radioactive Red Rage Toxie from Super7

By Staff Reports

It’s Toxie, like you’ve never seen him before! With translucent green glow-in-the-dark injection and UV reactive color-changing paint, this ULTIMATES! figure will have three different looks, as if Toxie is reacting to climate change!!

His standard appearance features bright neon paint, and in sunlight, Toxie will almost instantly change to an angry red! In the dark, he will glow a menacing green!

The Radioactive Red Rage Toxie ULTIMATES! figure comes with interchangeable heads and accessories, including a belt with grenades, a mop with a clip-on flag, and a translucent orange Toxic Crusaders branded shield.

This made-to-order figure is expected to ship Q1 2022. Claim your Radioactive Red Rage Toxie HERE!

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