Let’s Kickstart This! Civil Unrest

Let’s Kickstart This! Civil Unrest

By Nolan P. Smith

It has been a while since our last spotlight, so get ready to shine the light down on an impressive, crowdfunding project as we once again turn to Kickstarter for the latest installment of Let’s Kickstart This! This time, we are spotlighting a miniatures game from someone local to the home of Pastrami Nation, let’s check out Civil Unrest!

We talked a little bit about the project on our Pastrami Nation Podcast this week, which can be found on Instagram and Facebook. Creator Paul Villar, hailing from Victorville, CA, has a sweet game that has already hit its funding goal! But if you are a Kickstarter fanatic like me, you know what time it is: time to unlock stretch goals! So, what’s the game about? I am glad you asked, let’s dive into the word directly from the source:

“Civil Unrest is a 2-player tabletop skirmish game with miniatures, in which players will control law enforcement of Three Circle City a modern-day fantasy city amid political instability, or they will control the political movement looking to overthrow the powers that be. In Civil Unrest players earn points for certain successful actions in which those points can be used in game to purchase allies to help your cause. In short, the game of Civil Unrest grows as each turn goes by. At the end of the game it is the player who can advance their political narrative the best and influence the political elite will win.    The game features highly detailed 28mm miniatures sculpted by RN Estudio featuring Orc, Elf and Human sculpts ranging from Beat Cops to Rioters, Orc internet Trolls and even a Militant Elven Nun.

With your support we can publish this game, mass produce the miniatures, and perhaps get new sculpts and even more factions for the game. ”

Fans of tabletop gaming now is the time! Check out this awesome project, be a part of its history, and help it continue to grow! Check out the campaign page HERE!

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