Let’s Kickstart This! Fang: The Weeping Reaper Graphic Novel-64 HOURS LEFT!!!

Let’s Kickstart This! Fang: The Weeping Reaper Graphic Novel-64 HOURS LEFT!!!


By Nolan P. Smith-Pastrami Nation

Ready to help Kickstart another amazing project?

Great! Here’s Fang!

I checked out the story, the artwork, and wow, this looks pretty amazing. With art by Gustavo Vazquez (fans may know him from his work at Marvel and DC) and a story by David Atchison (Occult Crime Taskforce), Fang looks to be a pretty solid project! What’s it about? Well, here’s straight from the Kickstarter page:

Both revered and feared by his fellow creatures of the night, Fang is the champion of an evil empire. Forget what you know about the vampire genre. Fang hunts the hunters. “FANG” is full of ghouls, gunplay and gore. Fang is an action horror comic of redemption, revenge and self discovery. It’s John Woo’s the Killer meets Blade with a bit of Golden Child and Big Trouble in Little China thrown in for good measure. In Vampire lore, there’s a legend of an assassin whose sole purpose is to murder vampire hunters. He’s sometimes called the Weeping Reaper or the Great Reluctant Evil. Our story centers on “Lo Fang”, the chief assassin of the Kiang-Shi (Chinese Vampire) Empire. Dressed in white designer suits and trench coat, Fang is as stylish as he is deadly. Armed with a pair of AR-90 hand cannons and a Chinese broad sword, he travels the world stalking vampire hunters under the reign of the Kiang-Shi Empress.

Check out some artwork at their Kickstarter page:, and help fund this creative work that has been in the works for some time now!

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