Let’s Kickstart This! God Hates Astronauts

Let’s Kickstart This! God Hates Astronauts


I don’t want to oversell what Ryan has accomplished here, but I gave God Hates Astronauts to a blind man and he regained his sight.-Jonathan Hickman (The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The Manhattan Projects)

With an endorsement like that, how can you not want to back God Hates Astronauts?

The 180 page hardcover collection of the web comic by Ryan Browne is something so creative, so off the wall, that you just need to see it to believe. The Kickstarter goal has already been met…this IS happening, it will be printed. So why not be a part of this? Here is the official word from the Kickstarter page:

From the creator of “Blast Furnace: Recreational Thief” and “Smoke and Mirrors” comes the ultimate collection of the most outrageous weirdo parody comic on the web, GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS. Imagine a book that is a bizarre mix of “The Venture Brothers”, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, “The Tick” and that hilarious Billy Bob Thornton film “The Astronaut Farmer.”

GHA follows the story of a group of incompetent, small-minded, super powered narcissists called “The Power Persons Five” who are hired by NASA to stop all farmers from launching themselves into space in homemade rocket ships. Unfortunately, for NASA, this goal is scarcely even addressed and the book focuses more on extramarital affairs, bank robbing owls, big gross swollen heads, ghost cow heads, olde tyme boxers, tigers eating cheeseburgers in the Crab Nebula, buffalo judges and tons of aggressive swearing. Not as much a superhero book as it is a parody of basically everything and a celebration of weird that is jam-packed with references to Robo-Cop and Die Hard.

Yeah, how awesome does all that sound? So head over to the Kickstarter page at to see more art as well as to read the first three issues. 23 days to go…time is ticking

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