Let’s Kickstart This:  HEATHEN by Natasha Alterici

Let’s Kickstart This: HEATHEN by Natasha Alterici


By Nolan P. Smith

Ready for another Kickstarter spotlight? How about a Viking woman and Norse Gods? Welcome to Heathen. But hurry, the Kickstarter campaign ends May 8th!

Here’s the low down on it straight from Kickstarter:

A young Viking woman is on a mission to end the tyrannical reign of god-king Odin during a time of warfare, slavery, and the subjugation of women. Heathen follows the story of Aydis and her quest to challenge the gods with the help of the legendary immortal, the Valkyrie Brynhild. With her loyal horse Saga by her side, Aydis will battle, befriend, and outwit the various gods, demons, and fantastic creatures of lore she encounters along the way.

Though set in times of old, the strong social justice themes presented in Heathen resonate in today’s world. It’s a progressive story with brave and endearing characters, provocative artwork, and plenty of romance and adventure. Drawing from the rich veins of Norse mythos, Heathen will appeal to fans of Saga, Fables, and other stories rooted in universal themes of freedom, equality, and heroism.

The artistic style of this book is what pulled me in; throw in Norse God mythology goodness, and its a sure fire hit in my book. Check out the Kickstarter campaign now at

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