Let’s Kickstart This! Hex The Lost Tribe by Keu Cha


A comic about zombies, monsters and women…sounds like a great mix!

Now, the names above are known for their breathtaking comic book work, especially of the female persuasion…and Hex The Lost Tribe brings that aspect to the forefront. A princess must grow into her role as a leader if her people hope to defeat a menacing, unknown evil.

Here is the synopsis from the Kickstarter page:

A dying kingdom on the brink of destruction by an army of deathless warriors. Their fate lies in the hands of a princess who seeks the aid of a mysterious warrior tribe. Can they save her people or will they be her undoing?

This book looks amazing, with high impact fantasy action from a man who knows a lot about the genre, Keu Cha. Cha has worked on quite a few books and projects, including Top Cow’s Rising Stars and Witchblade. Plus, look for covers by comic greats Joe Benitez and Randy Queen! Check out some of the art here, and check out tons more, including a few videos that visually explain it better, at the Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2101706991/hex-the-lost-tribe .


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