Real Rap Song of the Week: Macklemore X Ryan Lewis-Otherside Remix


“Swore I was goin’ to be someone… And growing up everyone always does…”

Everyone knows who Macklemore is these days: his Thrift Shop is the number one song on iTunes at the moment, it’s blowing up the airwaves, and the video is hilarious. So, get ready for the total opposite of Thrift Shop: Otherside.

A brooding, deep look into the world of drug use, and the real life effects of it all. This is one of the most publicized aspects of the rap life: living it up with weed, coke, sipping in syrup, etc. But many of those rapping about this life have went on record saying they have never lived it. Check out the video and the words from Macklemore and get ready for an emotional journey.


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