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Let’s Kickstart This! Legendari Action Figures

Let’s Kickstart This! Legendari Action Figures

By Nolan P. Smith


With our column “Let’s Kickstart This!”, we shine the virtual spotlight on amazing and deserving crowdfunding projects on the platform, Kickstarter. Today we look at the impressive Legendari Series of action figures from Metatravelers.

Here is from the Kickstarter page:

Presenting The Legendari Series action figures. These characters are part of a rich and intricate tale of an ever expanding Universe that has been the culmination of years of work. The Legendari series is part of a much larger ecosystem of characters, with lore and robust connected story lines carefully crafted by comic writing legend Andy Lanning (known for his creation of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) and drawn by comic industry veteran Anthony Williams (known for his drawings of Spider-Man, Superman, Deadpool, Batman, and many more).

This will be the first edition of the Legendari Series of physical collectibles and are sculpted, articulated and engineered by iconic action figure producer, Four Horsemen Studios a renowned toy design firm that has worked with the world’s largest toy companies on some of the most well-known, fan-favorite properties in addition to their hit line Mythic Legions featuring highly detailed sculpting and interchangeable parts. The Legions line has become a global phenomenon, and the studio’s follow up lines of Cosmic Legions and Figura Obscura have solidified Four Horsemen Studios’ standing as one of the most exciting and innovative action figure creators in the industry today. Legendari is also working with Joe Veteri of Veteri Productions known for his expertise in toy collections, pop culture collectibles, and toy conventions such as Legions Con, ToyConNJ, and many more!

These look fantastic!!! Let’s help bring this line to life- head over and back it today!

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