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Let’s Kickstart This! Plunderlongs and Plunderstrongs-Ends This Week!!!

Let’s Kickstart This! Plunderlongs and Plunderstrongs-Ends This Week!!!

By Nolan P. Smith


When the Plunderlings Kickstarter hit the internet, it amazed the action figure world, and even more so once the figures were in hand! Well made, excellent designs and sculpts, and packaging that is second to none, Lone Coconut showed they are a force to be reckoned with. They are back with Plunderlongs and Plunderstrongs, and wow, they are amazing!

Here is from the Kickstarter:

You’ve waited long enough… From the studio that successfully funded and delivered Plunderlings in 2020 comes a brand new voyage. Complete with a whole new crew of pirates much longer and stronger than before! Lone Coconut now introduces two new creatures to the 1/12 scale toy line: the Plunderlong and the Plunderstrong.

First up is the Plunderlong! Don’t let their lanky sad looks deceive you, these salty dogs can be dangerous and conniving. For what they lack in the good looks, they make up for in brains and pose-ability. These versatile buccaneers stand 5 inches tall and are compatible with all pre-existing weapons.

Next the Plunderstrong! These beefy brawlers are an essential part of any plundering crew. Using their epic wingspan they can generate explosive power at terrifying speeds. These juggernauts don’t know of a problem they can’t solve with their fists. These action figures stand about 6 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

These look amazing! It all ends April 15th and there are plenty to unlock still! Visit the Kickstarter page HERE.

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