Let’s Kickstart This! Reaper Corps #0

Let’s Kickstart This! Reaper Corps #0

reaper0By Nolan P. Smith

It’s been a while since we had a new installment of Let’s Kickstart This! But never fear, today we shine the spotlight down on another well deserving project currently up on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter, as we hope to help make this project into reality. This time, we take a look at Reaper Corps #0!

A quick note about the creator of this book, Don Walker. When I had my very first job, I used to go to the local comic shop and pick up stacks of books with the bulk of my check. I had picked up one that just looked cool, and when I brought it up to pay, the comic book store guy said “want me to sign this?” I looked at him, and said “you made this? Dude, how awesome!”. His reply? “You didn’t even know I made it and you’re buying it? Now that’s awesome!”

That comic book store employee? The talented Don Walker.

Now, Walker is back with Reaper Corps #0. Here’s the info straight from the Kickstarter page:


2308. EARTH. Mankind continues to rebuild it’s society after the devastating effects of THE BORDER WAR. A conflict with the alien race known as the ZARTORI that signaled the near genocide of the Human race if not for FATHER, the first artificial intelligence.

Father created an army of CLONED humans, disposable soldiers, to combat the superior technology and ferocity of the Zartori.

The Clones gave way to a LEGION of sentient CYBORGS known as the REAPER CORPS. The Reapers proved most effective and were able to battle the Zartori to a stalemate, but not before the lose of billions of human lives.


Sixty years after returning to a scorched Earth, Man is beginning to resemble a society again but faces new challenges. In particular the ever growing decent among the Clone population, now relegated to near slavery and the every looming sentient Cyborg population. All of them, Clone and Cyborg alike, proud warriors, veterans of The Border War.

What do you do when you’re outnumbered by born and bread killing machines? What happens when they realize Mankind is obsolete?

I, for one, cannot wait to check this book out. All those years ago, I was thoroughly impressed with Walker’s book. His artwork has grown so much, I can’t wait to read the full issue. You can check out the Kickstarter page at and let’s make Reaper Corps #0 come to life!


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