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Let’s Kickstart This! THE EXPANSE Collectible Action Figures

Let’s Kickstart This! THE EXPANSE Collectible Action Figures

By Nolan P. Smith


For this installment of “Let’s Kickstart This!”, we spotlight Nacelle Companies’ latest project: action figures based on the TV series The Expanse! 

From the project page:

“THE EXPANSE—a series with a reputation for being a genre-defining, medium-jumping masterpiece—will enter a territory it’s never explored before: action figures! Nacelle, in partnership with Alcon Television Group, is proud to present the first-ever officially licensed action figure line of characters and accessories from THE EXPANSE! 

By backing this campaign on Kickstarter, you can collect EIGHT of the bravest and most beloved characters of THE EXPANSE (including the not-so-beloved Protomolecule Hybrid). These eight, 1:12 scaled figures have been painstakingly designed and crafted with impeccable detail, from the boots to the bottles of liquor. Each comes packaged in a gorgeous collector-friendly box with 18 points of articulation and a minimum of 4 character-specific accessories so you can recreate your favorite scenes from the show.

Don’t be late to the party, as you may miss out on our limited-edition tiers that are built exclusively for the biggest and most hardcore Belters out there!”

These figures look fantastic, and Nacelle has a track record of creating amazing action figures. This project ends April 4th, so let’s make this a reality and back it today at 

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