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Let’s Kickstart This! Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series 2 

Let’s Kickstart This! Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series 2 

By Nolan P. Smith 


Welcome back to Let’s Kickstart This, where we shine a spotlight on remarkable crowdfunding ventures on Kickstarter! Today, I’m excited to highlight a company that I’m personally familiar with, having backed their previous project and reviewed their outstanding figures in the past: Spero Toys’ Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series 2.

Straight from the Kickstarter page, here’s a glimpse into what Primal Series Collection Two has to offer: This new series introduces four all-new body types, along with weapon accessories and over 95% new armor parts. With multiple waves featuring Reptile, Brawler, Female, and Speedster body types, each figure promises a fresh array of weaponry and predominantly new armor designs. (Though the Reptile warriors might have salvaged a few trophies from their fallen adversaries!) Notably, all figures feature pinless joints, and some will even boast added calf cuts for enhanced poseability.

Having caught up with the team at Spero Toys during last year’s Los Angeles Comic Con, I witnessed firsthand the passion they have for these amazing figures. Their dedication shines through in every detail, making these figures a must have addition to any 1/12 collection. And let’s not forget about the stretch goals—let’s unlock them together!

Support the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter today at

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of the Series One figures, and I can attest to their quality and craftsmanship. (You can find the review here:

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