Lifestyle Review- Outlaw Soaps- Fire in the Hole

Lifestyle Review- Outlaw Soaps- Fire in the Hole

By Nolan P Smith

Venturing into the world of different soaps is not something I’m known for. But when I came across a social media ad for Fire in the Hole from Outlaw Soaps, I had to try it. Maybe it was the excellent colors of the soap or the rugged description. Whatever it was had me pull the trigger on my first online soap purchase.

Billed as smelling like campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, and whiskey, how could I not try it? The bar stands out right away from the colors that make you think of a campfire out on the range. Upon giving it a shot, the unique smells hit me all at once, but in the best way. If there is a scent of the wild west, this is it. It lathered well, smelled terrific in the shower, but did the smell last?

My fiancée approved of the rugged aroma, which stays with you long after you shower. It always bugged me when a scent from a soap or body wash wouldn’t last past your time in the shower. With Fire in the Hole, you get your money’s worth and then some. 

I am incredibly impressed with Outlaw Soaps and this fantastic bar of soap. Fire in the Hole was my first online soap purchase but not my last. It is my favorite soap right now, as the scent follows me on our adventures to national parks, state to state, and more. I highly recommend you give it a shot and realize that sometimes, social media ads pay off. 

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Rating: FIVE Pastrami Nations out of Five 

Pastrami Nations five

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